Energy Savings Solutions

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As the demand for "green" and more energy efficient products grows, Hill Country Electric Supply is your single-source for products that satisfy LEED certifications and a more responsible environment. Ask any of our expert representatives how "going green" can benefit your operation.


Now more than ever, green industry advances continue to occur at a rate never seen before in our business. Hill Country Electric Supply will continue to position ourselves at the forefront in order to make sure our customer base receives the answers to energy-efficient questions.

We partner with our manufacturers to understand how innovations in new products can improve electrical performance and provide overall savings for everyone involved. We continue to educate our expert sales staff in order to maintain the trust our customers have in Hill Country Electric Supply.

We also provide educational seminars as well as take the time to provide the proper amount of explanation needed with individual customers to make sure all parties have the information to make solid decisions.


Hill Country Electric Supply Sustainable Lighting Initiative 


  • HCES is your single-source for sustainable electrical solutions
  • HCES offers the latest technology in LED products for your retrofits/upgrades
  • HCES Solutions save you energy cost dollars
  • HCES Solutions pay for themselves
  • HCES Solutions that satisfy LEED credit requirements

HCES Solutions for a more responsible environment  

  • Commercial - Industrial Lighting and Energy Savings Solution
  • NO COST Energy Audit
  • NO COST Lighting Quality & Control Appraisal
  • NO COST Return on Investment Assesment


Please send an inquiry to us at, someone will be in contact with you in regards.